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The Beach House Narragansett

Beach house in Narragansett RI

Ciros 2020 REDUCED LOGO.jpg

Ciro's Restaurant, Woonsocket RI

FB Secret Garden.jpg

My Secret Garden (in our side yard!)

Triple Decker REDUCED LOGO.jpg

Three Decker in Woonsocket RI

Bienvenue 2020 FACEBOOK SIZE.jpg

Three Decker in Woonsocket RI

Main Street, Woonsocket  Says "Welcome" in French

Liane house compete LOGO REDUCED.jpg

Liane's Hpuse in Cumberland RI

Autumnfest 2019 REDUCED LOGO.jpg

Autumn Fest in Woonsocket Ri  2019


Beautiful House in Woonsocket - Owner is a "healer"

Robert Hope Larder House REDUCED.jpg

 The Robert Hope Larder House

New York Lunch LOGO REDUCED.jpg
McCarthys Clock FACEBOOK.jpg

During the Pandemic!  NY Lunch in Woonsocket Ri

The Parms Building as it was in 1911

neighbors house  LOGO REDUCED.jpg

The Vargulish House in the Historic District

Depot Square Train Station REDUCED.jpg

The Train Station at Depot Square, Woonsocket Ri

Matt Moylans House FB LOGO 2.jpg

The Moylan Residence, Owner of Ciros Restaurant, Woonsocket RI

The Little Green House Woon REDUCED.jpg

The Chaves Homes, North End District, Woonsocket RI

Mowbray - facebook reduced logo.jpg

A beautiful Home in the North End District, Woonsocket RI

Stephanie Fortunato REDUCED LOGO.jpg
The Griffin Manor REDUCED.jpg

Area most loved in home on Long Island, NY

2ns oldest home in the North End District, Woonsocket RI

Corinne REDUCED LOGO.jpg

Once upon a time they lived in Marshfield MA on the water, now living in Texas and loving it!

The Stadium Theatre FACEBOOK.jpg

The StadiumTheatre, established as a Vaudeville Theatre in 1926

Woonsocket Courthouse FACEBOOK.jpg
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