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1 Mitzis Flowers reduced.jpg

Mitzi's Flowers

2 Barn reduced.jpg

The Barn

12 Casual Wedding.jpg

Casual Wedding

6 Beach Pathway pastel.JPG

Gateway to the beach

5 Lighthouse.jpg

Wood's Hole Lighthouse

3 Reading corner reduced.jpg

The Reading Corner

15 The Accordian Player REDUCED 1.jpg

Barano Italy  - The Accordian Player

4 Pathway with Lavender.jpg

Lots of Lavender, Wine Country, South Africa

8 knitting girl.jpg

Woman in White Sweater

9 Cyndis Cat.jpg

Cat from Turkey

13 Reflections of Rockport REDUCED.jpg
11 Playful Puppy.jpg

Playful Puppy!

Lantern Reflections of Rockport MA

12 Garretts cats.JPG

Meow, Meow

16 Blue garden shed full REDUCED.jpg

The Blue Garden Shed

14 Venice full.jpg
Garretts view REDUCED LOGO.jpg

View from Bike Path in Woonsocket Ri 

"The River Runs Through It"

Water Passage in Venice, Italy

7 Sisterly love reduced.jpg

Sister Love

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