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I am so fortunate to have found my passion, which is photography.

In looking through my website you can see my style for capturing weddings, children, art, and all types of events.


People that know me say the camera seems to be a part of my body…and it is. My love of art has always been expressed through oil painting and pastels but the camera has a different way of talking to me. I needed to be “in the mood” in order to paint, but the camera allows so much flexibility and now with Photoshop, well my creativity reaches a new level. So naturally I take an artistic approach to photography.


Past President of the Professional Photographers of Rhode Island and attends the New England Institute of Professional Photographers. She has earned her Craftsman Photographer degree from Professional Photographers of America and has won many awards for her photography.


Currently on the board for The Arts Guild of Woonsocket and the Museum of Work and Culture. A Professional Photographer since 1992.

We support the Arts.

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